Sunday, November 8, 2009

Career fever!

You know how some girls have baby fever or wedding fever? Well I have career fever! I want to get my career started so bad! I have been envisioning myself living in LA or NY lately writing for a major publication. But I am stuck living at home with my family! Granted I am here doing an internship with where I just recently got my first blog published on the site and I am saving money, but I need to graduate!
That was a great feeling to see my name in print again! Aaah it's a GREAT feeling!
I really have graduation fever too! I am not that many credits away from graduating but being here in LV doing this internship is kind of putting me behind! Although, I need this intership credit to graduate. I almost just want to not graduate and move to LA and get started.
That is how bad I am itching to begin! I just know that employers will hire you more when you have a degree. I want to graduate too because my high school graduation was not memorable at all and I want to have an amazing college graduation with friends and family and a big cake, etc.
So the question is can I just get my shit together, finish out this internship here in Las Vegas till mid January and then get my butt back to Reno and graduate and then get on the career train?! Choo choo!!

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