Wednesday, April 15, 2009


May 23, 2008 - Friday
Spur of the momentness......... Current mood: adventurous Category: Travel and Places

So pretty much I have never done what I did this past Wednesday...
Have you ever been so mad at someone, something or some situation that all you can do is scream, cry or just plain wanna fight someone? Well I have and that was not too long ago this past Wednesday. Now I am not going into detail the severity of the situation bc it's not even a big deal... but I was HAMMERED, no really, like so drunk I was taking shots of Jameson (by myself) at the bar and then at 4 a.m. I thought it was a good idea to get out my credit card and book a flight to LAS VEGAS.
I am from there so its not like I was like ok, let me book a flight and then stay at the Motel 6, no I just wanted to get the hell outta suck town.
SO around 7 a.m. I was flying into Vegas and the plane landed and I was passed the hell out, so I thought we were crashing and I screamed! lol, the man next to me probably thought I was crazy.
I then proceeded to ask him, "Excuse me, sir, are those your water bottles?" He responded... "ya...." I said, "Can I buy one off you?" He was like, "sure... but they are water from the water fountain." I was like I DO NOT CARE, how much do you want?" lol he refused to take money from a drunkass and just gave me it. Bless his heart.
At this point I was still hammered. I called my mom who had already gotten a drunk dial from me at 3 a.m. (parents love those) and said, "Hey what are you doing?" "She was like ummm sleeping..." "Ok well come pick me up from the airport I am here." She was a little shocked.
So I get onto that stupid little train that u have to go to baggage claim in I am already fucking spinning and I swear I almost threw up on the person next to me.
My mom came and got me and then I was like, "oh, shit. I work tonight." Ya thank you Kyle for covering my shift you are amazing.
So I had a good time here in Vegas. Sometimes you just need to see your family and friends and the people you grew up with. Also it is good to just get the hell away for a little bit!
But Reno, don't you worry your pretty little head, I will be back in 4 hours!!!!!!!


Things that make me happy! Current mood: blessed
Things that make me happy:-My boo :)-My amazing friends (: -Listening to John Mayer-Trivia Night at the Taphouse on the river-Mashed potatoes and gravy (KFC's are amazing)-Working out and taking Patrick's Hip hop classes-Quiting my job and never been so sure in my life that I wanted a change! -Bartending! -Dirty Filthy grey goose martinis! Carina got me hooked! Love you Bean-Vacays, even if it is for a day and night to see a movie with my mommy in Las Vegas. -Getting a phone call and seeing that it is my older sister, lil sis or lil bro. -Romantic, silly, cheesey comedies-Surfing the web-Doing nothing but laying in bed all day with my two boys (Matt and his dog Willie). -Watching the Broncos win. -New things, like a new pizza cutter, t-shirt, or getting my nails or hair did! -Kareoke and rapping haha I can actually rap! -My grades being above average like last semester! 3.5 GPA baby! -Getting ready to study abroad in Spain this summer! -Brooke and I hanging out! -Not feeling hungover haha! -Magazines!! Love reading them cover to cover!-Buying art.-Facebook chat! -Blogging! -Summer!! CAN IT HURRY AND GET WARM!?-Playing my banjo, I am still learning the chords Pat Pat! -Catching up with my best friend in Las Vegas, Michelle! -Having coffee and gossiping with Jackie C.! -Having roomie time! -Polly Pocket my kitty sitting on my lap and purring! -laughing! =D

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spain here I come!

I am really excited to be going to San Sebastian, Spain this summer! I am also very excited to just be getting out of NO-town for a little bit of the summer! A month and half will clearly not be enough to be in Europe and see all that I want to see, but I will be going back for sure!

I need to finally get my freakin passport! I know, I know, I should have gotten this so many months ago, but studying abroad was really like a spur of the moment thing! I woke up one morning and was like, well ya, I am gonna do it! Screw going with anyone else, I am going by myself and will have NO trouble making friends here. Ha, I have so many friends on myspace I deleted it and started over because I couldn't keep up with how many people I was friends with! LOL I am not trying to be conceited either, I just really like to have a lot of friends. I only have a about a handful of really good, loyal friends. That is fine with me because quality is way harder to find then quantity!

Anyways, back to Spain!! I am going on a group flight on June 23rd from San Francisco, CA and then we fly to Heathrow, England Airport. And then I imagine we are going to be flying to Spain? Or maybe taking a train of some sort, honestly I have no clue! That picture above is of San Sebastian! I am soo excited I want to scream (I am in Starbucks on campus, so I won't, haha)!
Well I need to go get my passport, I just wanted to express how happy I am to be going!