Sunday, November 8, 2009

Career fever!

You know how some girls have baby fever or wedding fever? Well I have career fever! I want to get my career started so bad! I have been envisioning myself living in LA or NY lately writing for a major publication. But I am stuck living at home with my family! Granted I am here doing an internship with where I just recently got my first blog published on the site and I am saving money, but I need to graduate!
That was a great feeling to see my name in print again! Aaah it's a GREAT feeling!
I really have graduation fever too! I am not that many credits away from graduating but being here in LV doing this internship is kind of putting me behind! Although, I need this intership credit to graduate. I almost just want to not graduate and move to LA and get started.
That is how bad I am itching to begin! I just know that employers will hire you more when you have a degree. I want to graduate too because my high school graduation was not memorable at all and I want to have an amazing college graduation with friends and family and a big cake, etc.
So the question is can I just get my shit together, finish out this internship here in Las Vegas till mid January and then get my butt back to Reno and graduate and then get on the career train?! Choo choo!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Feast Movie Premiere at the Palms

Walking into the Brenden Theaters at the Palms on Monday night I had no idea what to expect of the new Indie movie “Feast.” I was only aware that the title was based on a cannibal coming to America and “feasting” on human flesh. Still being in the spirit of Halloween I was excited to see such a film.I was accompanied by my little sister who is not a huge fan of gory, scary movies, but going to a movie premiere had interested her enough to join me.As we walked into the theater I was delighted to see how packed it was. It seemed like the only empty seats in the house were our reserved seats in the middle row. Best seat in the house I thought to myself. Before the movie came on there was a speech delivered by the film’s cinematographer, Jonathon Hart. He thanked the cast and all the crew, including the film’s writer and director, Erick Adam that was present in the audience. You could tell that there was a lot of passion that went in to making this film and that was apparent in Hart’s voice. All of the cast and crew stood up and the crowd gave an enormous round of applause. I recognized the film’s lead actress, Ronni Lea in the back row.Finally the lights dimmed and I was anxious for the film to begin. My popcorn was starting to vanish as I nervously and rapidly ate it. Another round of applause echoed throught the theater. The opening credits were certainly interesting and well shot. Pictures of dead pigs in meat factories and people enjoying pork at fine dining restaurants was a neat conception. We were introduced to the film’s protagonist Nathan, actor Josef Niznik, a scientist in the movie that has been studying ancient tribal rituals. He had been in the jungle for many years as a cannibal until he got word that his mother was dying of cancer. It was then when he decided to come home to America. Niznik’s appearance was almost that of a werewolf. The movie then switched to a scene of a house in the desert with a female screaming followed by a gun shot. After, two policemen played by Alastar Bayardo and Kirk Thompson had broken into the house and the audience sees a women who appears to be dead on the kitchen floor with Niznik next to her. The policemen question Nathan and that is how the stories of his cannibalism in America unfold.Nathan’s character drugs innocent women in his house as he woos them with wine and passionate kisses until they are then unable to move or scream and then he has his feast. Gory and somewhat disturbing shots are shown throughout these scenes, one including Nathan’s character breaking a man’s ribs and then feasting on them while saying tribal chants.Straying away from Nathan for a minute we meet two college students named Amiee, a freshman (played by Ronni Lea) and Terra (played by Janell Kelley) a sophomore who live in the dorms. Terra welcomes Aimee to the room where Aimee is suspicious by the creepy man in the hallway who is staring at her as she enters the dormitory. A few minutes later the girls hear a knock at the door and by the time they turn around there is a dead bird on a plate waiting for them.The film’s sound was not the best and at times I had trouble hearing the character’s speak, but it made up for it with the cinematography and interesting plot. Now, I don’t want to give the movie away but let’s just say that Nathan finds his love in America and turns her into a killing cannibal as well. You will have to sink your teeth into this movie and find out if Nathan gets arrested or continues on his way to killing innocent people in the movie “Feast.”

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What I want. What I know...

I am 23 years old. I have not found the person that I am going to spend the rest of my life with. I am not pregnant. I have not yet started my career, nor have I graduated college.
I am not perfect.
I just found out recently who my real friends are. I can count them all on one hand. I have a great family and we are not perfect and all have our flaws, but I love each and every one of them.
I am finding out about myself more everyday. I had a lot of reflection time when I was in Europe this summer.
I am starting to realize the small details I get from both my mother and father and especially my mom's mother, my grandmother.
I do not want to live in Nevada forever.
I want to travel everywhere!
I need to forget about the past and why it didn't work out with my exes. They are exes for a reason.
I need to look towards the future.
I want to live in Boston. But I am terrified of the east coast and to be that far away from my family.
I want to model and act.
I want to see my name in PRINT!! EVERYWHERE.
I want to meet my prince charming. Does he even exsist?
I want my grandma to live till she is 100.

I want to be happy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Life or something Like it....

So good to get back on track with this new job and internship with!
I am happy (for once in a long time) that I am taking the time to worry about MYSELF. The NO BOYS ALLOWED sign should be tattooed across my chest. haha. I think that every girl should always make sure she is happy with herself before she starts a new relationship with any man (or woman depending on your type ladies). I am excited to do the little things for me like sit home and paint my toes, or hang out with my mom, dad or siblings without having to stress about the big picture, that is usually one that involves a guy in my life.
Although sometimes I get lonely I do have my guy friends to cheer me up and defintely the ladies in my life, here in Vegas that are amazing. I miss my Reno chicas to death! :(
I can't wait to go visit you girls. (Ed you are included)
So, as I sit here brainstorming questions that I am going to ask Playboy Playmate Sara Stokes tomorrow, I think, "WOW. I think I might turn over that new leaf where I do NOT need anyone to MAKE me happy... I can do it all by myself (: "
-Kristina out!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Resume can only say so much!

I really did not think writing a resume could be so rewarding, I mean I have written them before, of course, for school and what not, but wow! I am seriously amazed at all the stuff I have actually done from 2005 to now! I mean, I pretty much took a year off at school at UNR, so I am behind but, I never once changed my major and I just studied abroad in San Sebastian, Spain! How many people can say that? Not to mention I went to Coachella in Indio, CA in April, then in June I flew to Madrid was there for 4 days (I was there when USA beat Espana in futbol!) and then we were in San Sabby for all of July, but before that I went to Segovia and then during that time period I had the chance to go to Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls, Barcelona and I met some of the most amazing people in all of these places. Then my friend from Vegas and Reno, Michael and I got on a bus to Bilbao and then flew from Bilbao to Madrid to Amsterdam in which Iberia was so nice to loose our luggage for 2 whole days! So I was in Amsterdam wearing the worst and cheesiest tourist clothes including a grey and hot pink shirt that said "From Amsterdam with Love" with a guys' silhouette and he was actually wearing those Kanye West glasses that serve no purpose to the sun at all. Haha complete with black boy boxers that had a chick with her underwear down to her ankles that said RED LIGHT DISTRICT. I only bought these clothes because it was 8 at night and the cheesy tourist place was the only thing that was open.
Then I met up with friends from Reno, Caitlin and Kyle, and we were in Amsterdam for another 5 days and then it was off to Edinburgh, Scotland! What a blast that was. One of the nights I successfully lost Caitlin and got to party with a stag (bachelor) party with 6 Irish men. Aaron, (the groom-to-be), Stephen, Matt, David, Phil and Sonnie. Haha many of these men's name have some correlation in my life, go figure. Then I said goodbye on about day 7 to Caitlin and Kyle and got on a train to go visit Phil in Glasgow, Scotland where I hung out with him and 2 of his mates from work (all accountants, can we say boring?)
Then it was back to Edinburgh, for sure my favorite destination my entire trip where I checked into a new hostel, The Smart City Hostel and met Jayden and Nigel (Leo DiCaprio and Shaggy) and danced the next 4 nights away and camped 25 minutes outside of Edinburgh in the most amazing campsite ever! Then after all of that I actually had the energy to attend BURNING MAN for the 1st time ever with 70 pf my closest friends from Reno. The drive was only about an hour and half and as I pulled in, my gas light went on! It was nice to be single for all of this too!

Of course I did not write all of this in my resume, but wouldn't that be cool to let your new employer know what an amazing trip you had and it shaped you to be who you are now? I have a feeling that they will soon find out (;


Monday, September 28, 2009


Touchdown! 75 yd. pass...etc...
Nothing better than curling up on the couch with a loved one watching an intense game of America's great game of football.
I was just in Europe and I watched a lot of futbol... haha not the same sport at all. I was sooo stoked to walk into the OZ bar in Edinburgh, Scotland to see that they had satellite TV and had the NFL on! Haha I felt like Ashton Kutcher in Just Married... "It's a message from GOD!" LOL.

I have to say that when I was 12 years old and I watched the Denver Broncos win the Superbowl, from then I have been a Bronco fan... then we lost Mike Shannihan and then our QB, Cutler and then half of our players were in jail for stupid things. So to say the least I was ready to switch teams.
I pick teams mostly on the city they are representing. Not by the player like my lil brother or most of my exes. I think that when I went to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the UFC fight I fell in LOVE with the city. My friend Graham is a Vikings fan and I always thought they had potential. I decided I would change teams to the Vikings. Then Brett Favre (who is kind of being a whiny bitch these days) was declared their new QB.
Now everyone will think that I am just jumpin on the damn bandwagon. So I started watching pre-season and they seemed to be holding their own. Also, suprisingly, the Broncos were as well. I was dating a guy back in the day who was absolutely OBSESSED with the Dallas Cowboys, they are also holding their own and I am actually watching the Cowboys vs. the Panthers as I type...

So, on that note, I think I will return to Monday Night Football.


Can anyone say, "The perfect family is not out there?"

Sometimes you have to just give in and ask for help. Well sometimes, you need to know who to ask help from. Some people think they know what you need, when in fact, you do not want anything from them. Because they cannot even help themselves. How are you supposed to get help from people that another word in their English language is the f word? I cannot get better and be optimistic if people are crazily screaming at the top of their lungs and bickering and fighting and treating each other like shit.
I guess my family put the "fun" in dysfunctional. But let's be honest here, what family isn't absolutely outta their tree? No really, I watched the movie Now and Then and I was listening to Teenie (Thora Birch's character) and she is explaining to Sam (Gaby Hoffman) that there are NO perfect families out there. Like the Brady Bunch, for example, Carol and Mike were both widowers, and same with the Von Trapp family and every other squeaky clean sitcom family that everyone wants to try and immitate. Yup there is no perfect family out there. Especially not mine. BUT we all HAVE to love eachother right? I guess. I love myself right now. That is all I am trying to focus on because sometimes I wish that my family (immediate) would just let me be for a second and not try and tell ME what is the best for ME. Because they don't know shit.
My oldest sister had to do the same thing. She had to say, "I am # 1" and she didn't talk to any of us for days, weeks, months. And that was fine with me because I was in Reno, NV, and they were all in Las Vegas. Now I am in HELL. A.K.A. Las Vegas with my family, with no phone.

If only I would have got together some money to have a nice studio to live in and then got into a job somewhere in Reno, I would not have to be in HELL.

Can anyone hear me?


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The drama is really never gonna wash away...

I really think that girls are scary. Like not like horror scary like the amount of drama that I have is re-tarded. Luckily for me I am avoiding it the best that I can...
Some drama and back stabbing came up from my past. Apparently a "best-friend" that I used to call my best friend for many years, slept with one of my exes like a week after he broke up with me...
Ya she is a gem.
Oh well she doesn't live here anymore so I guess I can live with the fact that people make STUPID drunken mistakes. Eww. The thought of it makes me want to puke in my mouth. again. She used to be cute but then resorted to cigs ( a pack a day ) and lots and lots of beer. Anyways, whats done is now done and nothing I can do to change the past.

FUCK. She is calling me right now this is awkward.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The truth about love?

Well I hate to say it but even though I am hopeless romantic all the time, I have to be realistic lately. I got a different perspective from a fellow employee that I work with about love. He told me that he does not believe in love, or marriage or relationships. He does not want to get married, he does not want kids and he thinks that love is a joke and it is something that people make up as a fantasy in their head. Hmm... I was very put off by his negative attitude about love...until he explained his theory.
He explained to me that he does not think that one person can be faithful to the other person, that instead of telling the truth we lie in our relationships so we don't hurt the other person's feelings. We don't show our true colors for a long time and then it is too late (esp for guys I thought) so instead we lie or become these people that, in fact, we are not. Also the divorce rate is way larger then those couples that actually do stay married. Look at your parents or your friends' parents how many are still really married? (mine never even got married after my mom had me AND my older sister by the time she was 20 and my dad was 22!)
I was in shock at his reasoning, because I really do see the perfect relationship with this guy that I really care about to death, but I have not even been with him for that long... Ugh. Then there is my wretched past that does not EVER escape me. You know that one relationship that was so on and off you are not really sure if it was even real, but when you weren't wanting to kill eachother you actually saw a future?? Ha. ya. Kill me.
SO. I am really having some major questions in my head here. Was he right? And does love not exist? It's just a fantasy we make up in our heads? I sure hope not, because even if i did get this theory and information that made me question love, I still totally believe in it. Call me Charlotte from Sex and the City who wants the fairy tale ending... but I do.
I will totally step into the new roller coaster ride that I about to encompass with that new special someone with a strong head on my shoulders and my heart in his hands.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When is it going to END?

I have to say that I used to not care so much what people thought. The world would be falling down all around me and I would be like "It's ok, it's ok!" Ha ha well not so much anymore. This hell hole of a town makes it hard not to care what people think or say about you. At least lately for me. People that I used to trust everything with are saying hurtful things that I cannot handle anymore. Also, I feel like some "friends" no longer call me just to say "hi" they are calling to ask to borrow something, they need a favor or they just need something from me. It is very disheartening. I am really starting to shove people away that I used to be close with because I feel like I am a doormat for them to walk all over. I know, waaa, cry me a fricken river, right?!
Ha! I am not EVEN trying to feel sorry for myself, I am opening my eyes to the real people of this town and they are showing me their true colors! I feel like it's actually revealing. All people that I have unresolved issues with are out in the open and friendships have ended, and you know what I am OK with that!
I would rather have a handful of very close friends then a bunch of people that call themselves my friends and talk crap behind my back.
I think I could write a book on how many times I have been screwed over by bitches. And it's not just girls.
Maybe there is something wrong with me...wait... nope. I consider myself a pretty damn good friend!

LOL. Well anyways, all I want is to be with my guy and move to San Diego and meet new girls and keep my small circle of girlfriends here close and start a life of adventure without the drama! Aaah I cannot wait till then!! Until then I will have to keep my eye out for the fake labeled girls/guy friends and focus on myself!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As I sit here with so many things dancing around in my mind, a tear rolls down my face. Why do I let myself get so stressed out? There is a book my parents had in the bathroom called "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff." I used to read it as I sat on the toilet and think, ya sure, don't sweat having 3 finals, no money, bf just dumped me and I am fighting with my best friend. FML. ha. Well, today I was dealing with most of those problems (only problems 1 and 2) and as I was crying, I received an email from my dad and he actually helped me out financially with my trip to Spain! I never ever though that would happen! I am so overjoyed I could cry with tears of happiness, not sadness!
Now to deal with the 3 finals that I have pretty much back to back tomorrow! I wish that teachers would know that not only do we have to stress about all the damn small stuff, the big stuff like graduating and getting As makes us pretty much so damn stressed we end up in the hospital with anxiety attacks and can't breath!! Now I am just babbling, I needed to write something because writing helps me relax.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


May 23, 2008 - Friday
Spur of the momentness......... Current mood: adventurous Category: Travel and Places

So pretty much I have never done what I did this past Wednesday...
Have you ever been so mad at someone, something or some situation that all you can do is scream, cry or just plain wanna fight someone? Well I have and that was not too long ago this past Wednesday. Now I am not going into detail the severity of the situation bc it's not even a big deal... but I was HAMMERED, no really, like so drunk I was taking shots of Jameson (by myself) at the bar and then at 4 a.m. I thought it was a good idea to get out my credit card and book a flight to LAS VEGAS.
I am from there so its not like I was like ok, let me book a flight and then stay at the Motel 6, no I just wanted to get the hell outta suck town.
SO around 7 a.m. I was flying into Vegas and the plane landed and I was passed the hell out, so I thought we were crashing and I screamed! lol, the man next to me probably thought I was crazy.
I then proceeded to ask him, "Excuse me, sir, are those your water bottles?" He responded... "ya...." I said, "Can I buy one off you?" He was like, "sure... but they are water from the water fountain." I was like I DO NOT CARE, how much do you want?" lol he refused to take money from a drunkass and just gave me it. Bless his heart.
At this point I was still hammered. I called my mom who had already gotten a drunk dial from me at 3 a.m. (parents love those) and said, "Hey what are you doing?" "She was like ummm sleeping..." "Ok well come pick me up from the airport I am here." She was a little shocked.
So I get onto that stupid little train that u have to go to baggage claim in I am already fucking spinning and I swear I almost threw up on the person next to me.
My mom came and got me and then I was like, "oh, shit. I work tonight." Ya thank you Kyle for covering my shift you are amazing.
So I had a good time here in Vegas. Sometimes you just need to see your family and friends and the people you grew up with. Also it is good to just get the hell away for a little bit!
But Reno, don't you worry your pretty little head, I will be back in 4 hours!!!!!!!


Things that make me happy! Current mood: blessed
Things that make me happy:-My boo :)-My amazing friends (: -Listening to John Mayer-Trivia Night at the Taphouse on the river-Mashed potatoes and gravy (KFC's are amazing)-Working out and taking Patrick's Hip hop classes-Quiting my job and never been so sure in my life that I wanted a change! -Bartending! -Dirty Filthy grey goose martinis! Carina got me hooked! Love you Bean-Vacays, even if it is for a day and night to see a movie with my mommy in Las Vegas. -Getting a phone call and seeing that it is my older sister, lil sis or lil bro. -Romantic, silly, cheesey comedies-Surfing the web-Doing nothing but laying in bed all day with my two boys (Matt and his dog Willie). -Watching the Broncos win. -New things, like a new pizza cutter, t-shirt, or getting my nails or hair did! -Kareoke and rapping haha I can actually rap! -My grades being above average like last semester! 3.5 GPA baby! -Getting ready to study abroad in Spain this summer! -Brooke and I hanging out! -Not feeling hungover haha! -Magazines!! Love reading them cover to cover!-Buying art.-Facebook chat! -Blogging! -Summer!! CAN IT HURRY AND GET WARM!?-Playing my banjo, I am still learning the chords Pat Pat! -Catching up with my best friend in Las Vegas, Michelle! -Having coffee and gossiping with Jackie C.! -Having roomie time! -Polly Pocket my kitty sitting on my lap and purring! -laughing! =D

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spain here I come!

I am really excited to be going to San Sebastian, Spain this summer! I am also very excited to just be getting out of NO-town for a little bit of the summer! A month and half will clearly not be enough to be in Europe and see all that I want to see, but I will be going back for sure!

I need to finally get my freakin passport! I know, I know, I should have gotten this so many months ago, but studying abroad was really like a spur of the moment thing! I woke up one morning and was like, well ya, I am gonna do it! Screw going with anyone else, I am going by myself and will have NO trouble making friends here. Ha, I have so many friends on myspace I deleted it and started over because I couldn't keep up with how many people I was friends with! LOL I am not trying to be conceited either, I just really like to have a lot of friends. I only have a about a handful of really good, loyal friends. That is fine with me because quality is way harder to find then quantity!

Anyways, back to Spain!! I am going on a group flight on June 23rd from San Francisco, CA and then we fly to Heathrow, England Airport. And then I imagine we are going to be flying to Spain? Or maybe taking a train of some sort, honestly I have no clue! That picture above is of San Sebastian! I am soo excited I want to scream (I am in Starbucks on campus, so I won't, haha)!
Well I need to go get my passport, I just wanted to express how happy I am to be going!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Random post

I am so hung over I could die, what the hell was I thinking when I drank every kind of alcohol there is known to man last night?!

Anyways I do not get Twitter at all... Would some1 explain it to me and how it works please?!

Monday, March 16, 2009

For you. The one that makes me smile.

I really wish that I was with you right now.

You are seriously amazing.

I have not met anyone like you.

You are the most interesting person I have ever met.

Love that we were friends first, that makes it that much better.

I think that us being 7,000 miles away soon, will let us grow stronger together.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Can't wait to see what the future holds.


In Seattle right now, well technically I am in Snolqualmie, WA which is a nice, cute, quaint suburb outside of the city of Seattle. I am about to go to the S.A.M. Seattle Art Museum. I am pretty excited about going to it with my Uncle Armand. My cousin Mia and I have been hanging out a lot. She is 6 (going on 12) and she is the cutest little girl ever! We have been playing this runway fashion show game that came with my HP laptop. Basically you dress these ultra-thin models in different clothes and throw them on the runway. The more you dont match the colors, the more points you are awarded. There are different themes like winter, fall, summer, swimwear, surf, 70's Classic and Hippie to name a few. They give you tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories to choose from. It is actually pretty fun! She is so cute, I will miss her a lot when I have to leave.
My cousin Alex, on the other hand is 11 and is a cute little surfer lookin dude. He is so smart it shocks me. He is doing a research on the brain and I read his introduction and was appalled. He is in school right now and Mia has gymnastics so that is why my uncle and I are headed to the museum. I am going to head out now, just wanted to blog a little for all my readers! Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!!

Nonverbal Communication Response Paper...

I have always thought that smell held a very important trigger to my memory. When I was a little girl and living with my grandma, great-grandma, mother and older sister I would always get excited at my grandma’s home cooking! She is Puerto Rican and so she would always make dishes like arroz con pollo and other amazing smelling dishes that would lure me into the kitchen. I would be really unhappy as a person if I could not smell!
One of the most significant smells to me is a cologne called Polo Double Black that I bought for my boyfriend, Matt, for his birthday. He was my first love in college and I bought him this lovely scent for his 25th birthday. Picking out the cologne at the counter it had a variety of wonderful smells of lilac and a musky smell. At first, this scent made me so happy and would bring a smile to my face if I smelt it elsewhere besides on Matt, because it would make me think of him! I dated Matt for an entire year and he was for sure my first and only love. Matt cheated on me after about a year and now whenever I smell that scent of Polo Double Black cologne I have a rush of mixed emotions consisting of anger, hate, sadness and disgust.
Another smell that was a pleasant smell to me was that of hot churros at Disneyland being made by the street vendors on Main Street. My family is huge Disney fans and so I have probably been to Disneyland over a dozen times since I was 4. I absolutely love the odor of cinnamon and sugar in a delicious churro! Whenever I smell this scent I think of riding the Teacups and Splash Mountain. I feel like a kid again with no worries in the world. I am really excited to smell that wonderful scent again because I am headed to Anaheim, California to visit the happiest place in the world for Spring Break!
The last smell that I unfortunately remember is the smell of formaldehyde from my junior year of Anatomy in high school. We had to dissect cats of all things, and they all smelt of formaldehyde and it was the most disgusting scent that will haunt me forever! I was not a cat owner at the time, but I am now and I cannot believe I had to dissect poor cats with that awful odor that smelt like a combination of bleach, throw up and acid! I love my cat and I would have refused to do the activity, but you failed the class if you did that, so that was out of the question.
Question # 5
A treasured space of mine would have to be my old bedroom at my grandma’s house where I grew up. I was raised by my grandma and mother and my older sister and I shared a room that had so many antiques and dolls and was a little girl’s dream. I lived there from when I was born to about age 13. I really enjoyed going into the room by myself and playing with my American doll named Molly McIntire and getting lost in imagination. I would have her wear different outfits and go on different adventures in my mind. That was my own personal space and I did not want to share it with anyone else.
This space communicated to my mother and grandmother that they could leave me alone for hours and I could entertain myself, unlike my older sister who needed their attention and an entertainment director 24/7. I did share some of this space with my sister, Toni, but for the most part I liked to be alone in my pink and white trimmed room of wonder. I think this space was essential for my well-being because my mom was working at one of the casinos at night in Las Vegas, where I grew up, and I needed her there, but I knew she was working to support us and not having a father figure around at the time I needed some distraction to not actually realize that. I now think that my imagination that I had in that space made me a better person, more creative and open minded.

The one that hurt me so...

I sit and stare
Thinking of you
Wondering why you wronged me?
I loved you.
How could you do something so awful?
You were the one.
I dreamed of taking your name.
And still all the same,I dream of you.
I see you always.It hurts my heart.
And still I can't be mad.
It was so long ago, yes.
But I sit at night and think, What if?
What if you hadn't lied to me?
Or hurt me so.
We tried again, yes, everytime I got hurt more.
Still I waited, hoping and wishing.
That you would come back to me.
Your smell is always in me, I miss your touch and how you would hold me at night.
Sometimes I would cry and all the tears didn't matter.
You just slept unjust and unsympathetic.
This poem flows out of me, for I have wanted to say this to you all along.
I love you, you are for me.
One day you will see what you missed out on.
One day you will see that I was the best thing that happened to you.
One day I will see,
I will forget you,
I will be over you.
One day...

Funny Encounter

So when I was 19 I was asked to do a calendar called College Cuties. At the time, I thought it was a great idea! But then I got to the photo shoot and they wanted me in a shower looking like this. I mean c'mon really? Ok, don't get me wrong what girl wouldn't want any guy drooling over them? But some of the chicks in this calendar were not as up to par as some of the others! I am so not trying to be conceited.

I really loved the experience, it was a lot of fun. The funniest thing was that I was at the Wal (a college bar in Reno by the university) and some guy I didn't even know was like, "Hey I know you, I mean I think I have seen you. I don't know...wait... did you do that calendar a couple of years ago!?" I was like shit. really? Are you kiddin me right now... "Yes, I did, I was Ms. November." Ha funny, small world.

Snow or Sun?

I really love the snow! But... I am not the best snowboarder, but I am totally trying! I think that practice makes perfect. It is difficult, however to snowboard when there is NO SNOW in Tahoe. Lately, there has been a lot! But I am so broke that I cannot afford a lift ticket. Fuck. Oh well, I will for sure have to go to Mammoth and get my ride on soon! Until then I am off to Vegas to be in a bathing suit and gettin a tan!

Partying days are gone...

So this picture is when I was a sophomore in college and all I did was smoke hookah and drink and party. I am now a senior at UNR and I am realizing that I for sure need to stop this nonsense, partying that is.

I seriously think that getting a dui (last Friday) opened up my eyes. I really am happy this happened to me because it was such an eye opener!

Long story short, it is time for K2theTina to calm it down!

Polly Pocket

This is my kitty Polly Pocket she is pretty much the most amazing little angel. She acts pretty much like a dog, I do not put a litter box out for her and she will sit by the door when she is ready to go to the bathroom! It is pretty amazin, and did I mention she fetches? Ha ha she is a dog.