Friday, March 27, 2009

Random post

I am so hung over I could die, what the hell was I thinking when I drank every kind of alcohol there is known to man last night?!

Anyways I do not get Twitter at all... Would some1 explain it to me and how it works please?!

Monday, March 16, 2009

For you. The one that makes me smile.

I really wish that I was with you right now.

You are seriously amazing.

I have not met anyone like you.

You are the most interesting person I have ever met.

Love that we were friends first, that makes it that much better.

I think that us being 7,000 miles away soon, will let us grow stronger together.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Can't wait to see what the future holds.


In Seattle right now, well technically I am in Snolqualmie, WA which is a nice, cute, quaint suburb outside of the city of Seattle. I am about to go to the S.A.M. Seattle Art Museum. I am pretty excited about going to it with my Uncle Armand. My cousin Mia and I have been hanging out a lot. She is 6 (going on 12) and she is the cutest little girl ever! We have been playing this runway fashion show game that came with my HP laptop. Basically you dress these ultra-thin models in different clothes and throw them on the runway. The more you dont match the colors, the more points you are awarded. There are different themes like winter, fall, summer, swimwear, surf, 70's Classic and Hippie to name a few. They give you tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories to choose from. It is actually pretty fun! She is so cute, I will miss her a lot when I have to leave.
My cousin Alex, on the other hand is 11 and is a cute little surfer lookin dude. He is so smart it shocks me. He is doing a research on the brain and I read his introduction and was appalled. He is in school right now and Mia has gymnastics so that is why my uncle and I are headed to the museum. I am going to head out now, just wanted to blog a little for all my readers! Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!!

Nonverbal Communication Response Paper...

I have always thought that smell held a very important trigger to my memory. When I was a little girl and living with my grandma, great-grandma, mother and older sister I would always get excited at my grandma’s home cooking! She is Puerto Rican and so she would always make dishes like arroz con pollo and other amazing smelling dishes that would lure me into the kitchen. I would be really unhappy as a person if I could not smell!
One of the most significant smells to me is a cologne called Polo Double Black that I bought for my boyfriend, Matt, for his birthday. He was my first love in college and I bought him this lovely scent for his 25th birthday. Picking out the cologne at the counter it had a variety of wonderful smells of lilac and a musky smell. At first, this scent made me so happy and would bring a smile to my face if I smelt it elsewhere besides on Matt, because it would make me think of him! I dated Matt for an entire year and he was for sure my first and only love. Matt cheated on me after about a year and now whenever I smell that scent of Polo Double Black cologne I have a rush of mixed emotions consisting of anger, hate, sadness and disgust.
Another smell that was a pleasant smell to me was that of hot churros at Disneyland being made by the street vendors on Main Street. My family is huge Disney fans and so I have probably been to Disneyland over a dozen times since I was 4. I absolutely love the odor of cinnamon and sugar in a delicious churro! Whenever I smell this scent I think of riding the Teacups and Splash Mountain. I feel like a kid again with no worries in the world. I am really excited to smell that wonderful scent again because I am headed to Anaheim, California to visit the happiest place in the world for Spring Break!
The last smell that I unfortunately remember is the smell of formaldehyde from my junior year of Anatomy in high school. We had to dissect cats of all things, and they all smelt of formaldehyde and it was the most disgusting scent that will haunt me forever! I was not a cat owner at the time, but I am now and I cannot believe I had to dissect poor cats with that awful odor that smelt like a combination of bleach, throw up and acid! I love my cat and I would have refused to do the activity, but you failed the class if you did that, so that was out of the question.
Question # 5
A treasured space of mine would have to be my old bedroom at my grandma’s house where I grew up. I was raised by my grandma and mother and my older sister and I shared a room that had so many antiques and dolls and was a little girl’s dream. I lived there from when I was born to about age 13. I really enjoyed going into the room by myself and playing with my American doll named Molly McIntire and getting lost in imagination. I would have her wear different outfits and go on different adventures in my mind. That was my own personal space and I did not want to share it with anyone else.
This space communicated to my mother and grandmother that they could leave me alone for hours and I could entertain myself, unlike my older sister who needed their attention and an entertainment director 24/7. I did share some of this space with my sister, Toni, but for the most part I liked to be alone in my pink and white trimmed room of wonder. I think this space was essential for my well-being because my mom was working at one of the casinos at night in Las Vegas, where I grew up, and I needed her there, but I knew she was working to support us and not having a father figure around at the time I needed some distraction to not actually realize that. I now think that my imagination that I had in that space made me a better person, more creative and open minded.

The one that hurt me so...

I sit and stare
Thinking of you
Wondering why you wronged me?
I loved you.
How could you do something so awful?
You were the one.
I dreamed of taking your name.
And still all the same,I dream of you.
I see you always.It hurts my heart.
And still I can't be mad.
It was so long ago, yes.
But I sit at night and think, What if?
What if you hadn't lied to me?
Or hurt me so.
We tried again, yes, everytime I got hurt more.
Still I waited, hoping and wishing.
That you would come back to me.
Your smell is always in me, I miss your touch and how you would hold me at night.
Sometimes I would cry and all the tears didn't matter.
You just slept unjust and unsympathetic.
This poem flows out of me, for I have wanted to say this to you all along.
I love you, you are for me.
One day you will see what you missed out on.
One day you will see that I was the best thing that happened to you.
One day I will see,
I will forget you,
I will be over you.
One day...

Funny Encounter

So when I was 19 I was asked to do a calendar called College Cuties. At the time, I thought it was a great idea! But then I got to the photo shoot and they wanted me in a shower looking like this. I mean c'mon really? Ok, don't get me wrong what girl wouldn't want any guy drooling over them? But some of the chicks in this calendar were not as up to par as some of the others! I am so not trying to be conceited.

I really loved the experience, it was a lot of fun. The funniest thing was that I was at the Wal (a college bar in Reno by the university) and some guy I didn't even know was like, "Hey I know you, I mean I think I have seen you. I don't know...wait... did you do that calendar a couple of years ago!?" I was like shit. really? Are you kiddin me right now... "Yes, I did, I was Ms. November." Ha funny, small world.

Snow or Sun?

I really love the snow! But... I am not the best snowboarder, but I am totally trying! I think that practice makes perfect. It is difficult, however to snowboard when there is NO SNOW in Tahoe. Lately, there has been a lot! But I am so broke that I cannot afford a lift ticket. Fuck. Oh well, I will for sure have to go to Mammoth and get my ride on soon! Until then I am off to Vegas to be in a bathing suit and gettin a tan!

Partying days are gone...

So this picture is when I was a sophomore in college and all I did was smoke hookah and drink and party. I am now a senior at UNR and I am realizing that I for sure need to stop this nonsense, partying that is.

I seriously think that getting a dui (last Friday) opened up my eyes. I really am happy this happened to me because it was such an eye opener!

Long story short, it is time for K2theTina to calm it down!

Polly Pocket

This is my kitty Polly Pocket she is pretty much the most amazing little angel. She acts pretty much like a dog, I do not put a litter box out for her and she will sit by the door when she is ready to go to the bathroom! It is pretty amazin, and did I mention she fetches? Ha ha she is a dog.